Tenant Handbook

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Air Quality

Tenant shall not cause or permit any gases, liquids or odors to be produced upon or permeate from the Demised Premises, and no flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, chemical or substance shall be brought into the Building.


Smoking shall not be permitted in any common areas of the Building or the Project or in any premises within the Building; provided, however, smoking shall be permitted in any premises of the Building where the tenant of filtration or other equipment which in Landlord’s judgment is adequate to prevent smoke from leaving such premises and entering the common areas or other premises of the Building. Until such approved equipment is installed, smoking shall not be permitted in a Tenant’s premises.


If Tenant shall assert that the air quality in the Demised Premises is unsatisfactory or if Tenant shall request any air quality testing within the Demised Premises, Landlord may elect to cause its consultant to test the air quality within the Demised Premises and to issue a report regarding same. If the report from such tests indicates that the air quality within the Demised Premises is comparable to the air quality of other first-class office buildings in the market area of the Building, or if the report from such tests indicates that the air quality does not meet such standard as a result of the activities caused or permitted by Tenant in the Demised Premises, Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for all costs of the applicable tests and report. Additionally, in the event Tenant shall cause or permit any activity which shall adversely affect the air quality in the Demised Premises, in the common area of the Building or in any premises within the Building, Tenant shall be responsible for all costs of remedying same.




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